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    We believe in
    Great Customer Service
    For over a century, we've gained thousands of customers and are still growing! We work hard to ensure that our customers have everything that they need to run their business.
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    110 years experience
    In Helping Businesses Grow
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    Welcome to
    Springfield Paper Company
    Family owned and operated in Springfield, MO for 110 years.
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Welcome to Springfield Paper Company! You'll find out we are way more than just paper.

Springfield Paper Company has been owned by the same local family since we opened in 1906. We started out as a small paper house located in downtown Springfield but over the last century we have added several new products and can now provide for almost all of your business needs. We deliver products on our own trucks with-in about 175 miles of Springfield, MO. We also ship several of our products nationwide. We have a service center to help service and maintain commercial floor equipment. We work hard to ensure that our customers have everything they need to run their business. Shop online for all your business needs!


• Printed bags
• Merchandise bags
• Gift boxes
• Sales tags
• Gift Wrap


• Vacuums
• Buffers
• Sweepers
• Auto scrubbers
• Carpet extractors


• Containers
• Cutlery
• Plates, cups, & bowls
• Biodegradable products
• Food service gloves


• Mops & brooms
• Floor care
• Liners
• Carpet care
• Paper products

shipping & Mailing

• Corrugated boxes
• Custom-printed boxes
• Mailing envelopes
• Tape
• Bubble wrap
• Loose fill


• Kraft wrap
• Industrial wipers
• Industrial tape
• Spray adhesive
• A-face corrugated

Exciting New Products

What our customers say

We were able to get a huge amount of little plastic cups to hold birdseed for our wedding for a very low price. So, if you are looking for something like this, I would start at Springfield Paper Company. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and found exactly what I needed at a great price!

Elizabeth H.
Nixa, MO

We really appreciate their drivers and all that they do. They are more than happy to rotate our stock and we've never had such excellent service from a distributer. Springfield Paper Company is a great local business to check out if you haven't already done so.

Mika W.
Ozark, MO

Featured Products

Springfield Paper Company offers one of the largest most successful lines of cleaning equipment available in the cleaning industry today. Tornado has over 140 years of commercial floor care experience and is 100% American owned and operated. Tornado's strength is demonstrated through their patented machines designed for usability and sustainability.
The Lysol brand is a household necessity dedicated to keeping your family, friends, or customers happy and healthy. Everyone has a different definition when it comes to cleanliness. “Clean” doesn’t mean perfect or organized—it means healthy, safe, and comfortable. Lysol is committed to eliminating 99.9% of germs and giving you peace of mind.
Springfield Paper Company has been teamed up with the von Drehle Corporation for over 5 years now. We couldn’t be more impressed with von Drehle’s commitment to producing environmentally responsible paper products. What makes them stand out is their utilization of recycled fiber and a manufacturing processes that minimize waste, pollution, and conserve our natural resources.
This green company redefines the modern standard of commercial and industrial cleaning. Evolve has incorporated new and exciting technology into their product, which is manufactured exclusively from natural and renewable ingredients. Evolve brand is safer for people, animals, and our planet with technology that activates powerful cleaning and neutralizing traits inherent in nature itself, creating a safer, more powerful method of cleaning.
By combining pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming, and other tools on a single platform, the engineers of Kaivac have revolutionized restroom cleaning. This powerful combination resulted in the first No Touch Cleaning system. This system is easier, faster, and deep cleans soils better than any other method. This revolutionary system not only works wonders on restrooms but has been enhanced to tackle just about every surface and space throughout a building - from floors, walls, classrooms and restrooms, to stairwells, kitchens, hallways and more.

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