Benefits of Buying From Your Local Redistributor

Business Supplies

For customers, Springfield Paper Company can provide access to a variety of products and, perhaps most importantly, any amount of supplies without a minimum order necessary for delivery.  While some customers may be tempted to go straight to a manufacturer for supplies keep in mind that manufactures have high order quantities that often don’t make financial sense for buyers.  It’s not always the best idea to go direct. There are a number of reasons why the manufacturer may not be your best bet, and we’ve outlined these below.

High Volume Minimums

The business model of a manufacturer is often selling high volume. As a customer, buying too much of a product can lead to problems like no storage space, having money tied up in inventory and can put a strain on employees to manage new stock. Inventory just sitting around is CASH that could be spent on other business needs.  Buyers must also remember they will probably need a diverse product mix that a manufacture will not be able to accommodate. Manufacturing businesses are also usually remotely located which will almost certainly guarantee longer lead times and more expensive delivery.


Customer Service

Manufactures have their hands full manufacturing and engineering products.  This leaves little time to devote to customer service. Typically, the people you’ll speak to at the manufacturer are not specialized in sales or service, and some companies may outsource customer service to a call-center abroad to keep cost low.

Springfield Paper Company has great customer service. We have territory sales reps and a knowledgeable in house customer support staff that will be there to answer any questions.

As a local redistributor SPC helps with product selection based on your store’s location, volume, product mix and customer base. We make deliveries daily in the Springfield, MO area and have low delivery fees. Buying through SPC allows customers to buy only the products they need when needed. Buying products as needed is especially useful when a business is watching cash flow.

Springfield Paper Company has an online store that allows customers to place orders or browse products online at times that are convent. Customers can order as little or as many different products as needed and see order history to reorder frequently used supplies. Supplies are essential to every business, without supplies there is no growth.

Limited Knowledge

While a manufacturer’s staff may be well trained on their own product in depth, they may be lacking in other product areas. SPC has a great deal of experience in working with multiple brands, product type and solutions. When you talk to a manufacturer you might only get one-sided information and it may not be suited for your needs.  SPC is not biased; we will find the right products to fit your business needs!

SPC has over 110 years’ experience in helping business grow.  We’ll help you find solutions and teach you the insider tips that save time and money.

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