A Revolution in Floor Cleaning Tools

Keeping a business clean is not a simple task, but using the right mop bucket can make it easier. Whether it’s a small business or large institution, a mop bucket and wringer is a necessary addition for everything from daily cleaning to surprise messes. Now, through SPC, customers can purchase the DuraLoc ™, a revolutionary new line of long-lasting, interlocking floor cleaning tools.

The right tools mean a better clean. Even the best floor cleaning chemicals won’t work properly if they are not applied correctly. The right tools improve your cleaning and help cut overall cost of getting floors clean. The correct tools will also improve the chance your associates will follow correct cleaning procedures.

One Handle for Everything

Working with old mops and brooms makes cleaning ineffective. That’s why Ecolab created the DuraLoc ™. It’s a revolutionary interlocking system of cleaning tools specifically designed to clean and maintain commercial floors. The Duraloc ™ brooms, mops and squeegees come with an A-frame insert holder that locks onto the DuraLoc™ handle.  This amazingly simple razorblade system allows all tool heads to be easily switched out. With the DuraLoc ™ system only the worn mop, broom and squeegee heads need to be replaced.

Eliminate cross-contamination

DuraLoc ™ also offers color coding tools that come in five different colors. The color sleeve locks over the handle and ensures a match to the right set of tool heads. Color coding ensures the tools are used in the right place, and keeps your environment free of unnecessary contaminants.

Strength That Lasts

The DuraLoc™ tools are made with materials that are virtually indestructible and will outlast any traditional mops and buckets by years. The DuraLoc™ is built from lightweight aluminum and overmold to add extra strength and durability. The universal insert holder screws onto the handle, creating a two-point connection with wide openings and robust threads. The handle and insert holder also come with a 3-year warranty.

The Big Dipper™ It’s a Better Way to Scrub

The Big Dipper™ is a never-before seen accessory fitted to the deck brush that has been proven to increase deck brushing time by 70%.* When the deck brush is dunked into the front chemical bucket, the Big Dipper™ fills automatically with cleaning solution. It applies and agitates the floor cleaner in one simple step, saving time and ensuring proper procedures are followed.

  • Solution dispenser ensures the correct amount of solution is applied
  • Strong polyester bristles scrub out tough spots
  • Extra-stiff center bristles make it easier to scrub stains out of grout The DuraLoc™ Mop Brush takes mopping to a whole new level. It attaches easily to the universal insert holder over the mop. Simply flip the mop over to scrub tough spots.
  • Strong polyester bristles target stubborn spots
  • Low-profile placement makes it ergonomically effective to flip between mop and brush
Removable Dump Bucket

The new DuraLoc™ mop bucket is so innovative it’s amazing. Separate compartments, keep dirty water isolated from cleaning solution and help eliminate contamination for a better clean. The front compartment holds 17 quarts of cleaning solution and has a curved bottom to accommodate the Big Dipper. The rear water bucket is completely removable and can be lifted out and easily emptied, eliminating strains and accidents for a safer cleanup.


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