Germs In The Workplace

You may be shocked to learn just how many germs are found in the workplace. Keep employees healthy by cleaning and sanitizing regularly. Cleaning germ “hot spots” will prevent bacteria and allergens from accumulating and spreading illnesses around the office.

The most unexpected areas in your office might be the dirtiest.

According to Hloom, who did a study on which office surfaces are the germiest, the handle on your coffee pot contains up to 34 times more bacteria than a school toilet seat. WOW.

Here are the areas in your office to watch:

Picture: http://www.hloom.com/blog/the-truth-about-office-germs/

Copier Buttons:

Making copies? The copier button could have 4 times more bacteria than a dog’s food dish! HOW?!? Did you know, according to Hloom, employees touch about 30 objects per minute in their workspace. Each time employees touch their keyboard, mouse, phone they are transferring bacteria. One study even showed that it only took four hours for a (harmless) virus to spread form the front door of an office to over 50% of frequently touched surfaces!

Coffee Pot Handle:

Another day, another coffee but beware! The coffee pot handles Hloom tested showed a nasty kind of bacteria. “Around 99% of coffee pot germs were gram-negative rods, which can cause various infections and many may resist antibiotics” Hloom said.

Office Doorknobs:

Each time you touch a surface, you could be transferring bacteria which makes it easy for infections to spread around the office. According to Hloom.com the entrance door handles contained all four bacteria types– over half were gram-positive rods, while around one-third were gram-negative rods. Not all germs will make people sick, sometimes they are helpful! Good luck!

Water Dispenser Handle:

Need a drink? Be ready to wash your hands after! Hloom reports that water dispener handle has 4X more bacteria than a cutting board! Over 20% were Gram-negative rod and over 70% of the bacteria were bacillus– which has the potential to prompt various types of infections.

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