How to Extend The Life of Your Carpet

Carpet maintenance cleaning supplies

Carpets cost a lot of time and money to replace, why not extend the life of your carpets? The best way to make sure carpets last is to make sure they are cleaned correctly on a regular basis.

Every year approximately 4.7 billion pounds of carpet gets thrown away and ends up in landfills. These carpets then take an estimated 1,000 years to degrade.

Regular maintenance is key to preserving carpets. SPC recommends following these carpet maintenance steps to extend the life of your carpet:

Entryway Matting

In addition to looking great, entrance matting helps stop dirt before it gets in your building. For best results, there should be room for at least two steps with each foot to sufficiently wipe soils from feet.  A proper arrangement of 15 linear feet of entrance matting will prevent up to 80% of the accumulated dirt from spreading onto floors. Did you know, up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in to your building by just 1,000 people over a 20-day work period? That’s a lot of dirt! Entry mats reduce maintenance cost, protect floors, improve indoor air quality, enhance the look of the work place, and diminish the risk of slips and accidents.

A mat with a nylon face and vinyl back is best for moisture and oils absorption. Place entry mats on hard surfaces rather than on carpet where they can trap moisture or cause plasticizer migration.


Clean Spots Immediately

To get the most out of your carpet, make sure to remove spots and spills immediately. Removing spots and spills quickly will reduce the likelihood of the stain becoming permanent. When selecting a cleaning solution, consider using SPC’s Aero Spot Attack Stain & Spot Remover. It has a pleasant fragrance and contains a fluorochemical surfactant for soil and stain repellency. Spot Attack Stain & Spot Remover is excellent for removing mud, grease, tar, dirt and food stains. Spot Attack brightens and deodorizes as it cleans


Vacuum Every Day

Don’t wait till carpets look like they need to be vacuumed! The sooner soils are collected from the carpet, the better. For most carpet you should use an upright vacuum with brush agitation. Consistent vacuuming is the most effective way of keeping carpets clean. Keeping a routine vacuuming schedule will remove 90 to 95% of all dry soil. Regular vacuuming will also improve indoor air quality by keeping particulates such as dust and allergens out of the air.


Periodically Deep Clean

In addition to consistent vacuuming, facilities should periodically deep clean carpets. Deep cleaning carpets will help restore the carpet to its original condition and maintain peak performance. Deep cleaning extracts soils that have accumulated deep down and may have been missed by regular cleaning. When deep cleaning carpets remember to pay special attention to high traffic areas.

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