FACILIPRO Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner

Features and Benefits:
  • Neutral pH floor cleaner
  • Low foaming formula
  • Green Seal certification pending
  • Fresh and clean smell during use
  • Improves Cleaning Results – Patent pending formula achieves alkaline cleaner performance on foot traffic soil and is safe on vinyl, stone, rubber, epoxy, porcelain, concrete, linoleum and all finished floors
  • Cost-effective – Concentrated formulations deliver excellent results at a lower end use cost
  • Simplifies the Cleaning Process – Rinse-free formula releases soil without leaving a film or haze; ultra low-foaming formula improves auto scrubber efficiency
  • Enhances the User Experience – Pleasant fragrance and exceptional cleaning performance improves worker satisfaction
  • Sustainable Solution – Ultra-concentrated formula reduces amount of water shipped and Green Seal™(GS-37) certification pending


Ultra concentrated, ultra low foaming, neutral floor cleaner designed for daily use in automatic scrubbers and mop buckets. The powerful blend of surfactants can be used with hard or soft water on all floor surfaces and are designed to remove soils without leaving a film or haze. Cleans without removing finish or dulling gloss and does not require rinsing.

  • Low foaming formula allows you to use in mop bucket, autoscrubber, or spray bottle
Effective On/Against:
  • Safe and effective on all floor types including stone
  • Will not dull finished floors
  • No rinsing required


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