P Series Glazers


  • Heavy-duty 1.5 hp motor with low start up and operating amp draw
  • Patented rotational molded housing absorbs vibration and minimizes torque for easy operation and control
  • Floating handle provides great maneuverability with no “flutter” or pull
  • Optimal head weight for maximized pad-to-floor contact, providing the best shine possible
  • Low profile for easy maneuverability
  • Flex pad holder with lock-in retainer




P Series Glazers

Electric Burnishers

Tornado’s® P Series of High-Speed electric burnishers are expertly balanced for ideal pad-to-floor pressure and sustained RPMs. Unlike other burnishers, you get total pad-to-floor contact, which means greater efficiency, speed and overall cost savings. The P Series of High Speed GlazersTM provide excellence in design, operator comfort, and unsurpassed burnishing performance.


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