Tips on Cleaning the Custodian Closet

The Custodian Closet should always be organized and kept clean just like any other area of the building. Here are ways to keep your janitors closet clean and tidy:

  • All shelves should be kept organized so that all items such as chemicals, trash can liners, gloves, paper products, etc are stored together in specific groups. These items need to be easy to locate in any situation.
  • Heavy, bulky items should always be kept on the bottom shelf or stored neatly on the floor to avoid accidents.
  • Always throw away any expired cleaning chemicals! Any chemicals kept after the recommended shelf life can lose its effectiveness as well as degrade the container. This can create an unsafe work environment!
  • The floor should always be clear of clutter. Every item should have a designated area and should be stored correctly! This prevents spills and accidents.
  • Mops should be hung correctly in order to dry. Wet mops should never be left sitting in the mop bucket. If not hung right or if left in bucket the mop can cause mildew to grow and or ruin the mop.
  • Vacuums should be cleaned from top to bottom! Always empty vacuum bag and clean beater bar/magnet bar; this saves time for the next use and also keeps your vacuum in tip top shape.
  • Cleaning the janitorial sink is crucial as well. An unclean sink or drain can cause a foul smell and stains can develop. Always wipe down the sink after each use and use a drain opener as needed.
  • Be sure to remove any non janitorial supplies from the closet. Any rancid mops, puffing pads, soiled towels, etc should be kept elsewhere or thrown away. This prevents any errors or accidents.

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